One of the first kids we helped was Milton, a little boy who was badly burned in a cooking accident at his home.  While on a medical team for MAMA we found a young boy who had terrible burn scars and wondered what we could do for him.  Quite simply there was nothing we could do for him.   We commiserated with the mother and suggested getting him to a hospital in the capital, but there was nothing we could do, it was very frustrating.  After returning home we started looking for burn centers and organizations that could help Milton.  After almost one year Milton came to the US and had the surgery he needed.  The next year we worked for a child with a club foot and  a child who needed a pin for a badly broken leg.  We also help with scholarships for children to attend school.

 As we started working to help these kids who fell between the cracks we decided we needed to be able to work without restrictions.  Our mission statement is wide open to embrace any situation that we might come up against. We knew that if we had any restrictions that God would find a case for us we hadn’t expected, like helping with an adoption in Haiti!  We help kids, period.  If that means helping with surgery, we are there.  If it means helping a parent, we do that too. Helping parents certainly helps their kids.  

  So, Children Without Choices is about helping without restrictions.   
 And whatever God puts in our path, we will do our best to serve.